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Hulk Vesuvio is the April Pet of the Month

The Hulkador is a hunk of chocolate Labrador love. He was adopted from Save-a-Lab Rescue back in October 2018.

Here is some more information for you about THE HULK:

  • He is not very particular about what he plays with, as long as it squeaks.

  • Often times his mom will find him hanging out in one (and a half) of the living room chairs gnawing on an antler.

  • As he is a lab, he will eat anything but, he does have a particular affection for bananas.

  • Mom says that his strangest (and cutest) behavior is when he bends his paws inward when he is laying down and sleeping.

  • Hulk's bestie is, of course, his little brother Henry although he does have a girl friend named Lily (just don't tease him about it, he can be sensitive.)

We would like to congratulate Hulk on winning this month!!!

Stay tuned for next month’s Pet of the Month. Check out the other winners from 2019.

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