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Al Capone is the March Pet of the Month

Mr. Capone, a red nose pit bull crossed with a hippopotamus, came all the way from Georgia through the Rhode Island Humane Society.

Here are some more fun facts about Al Capone.

  • He has his own bean bag chair where you will find him eating his favorite snack, cheese.

  • When he’s not chilling in his chair you will find him upstairs sunbathing on the patio.

  • Mom reports that Al Capone likes to dress up so much that he will fake being cold just so she will put his favorite sweater on him.

  • Al’s most favorite buddy in the world is his big brother Tony Bennett. I bet when he was a puppy Tony sang him to sleep.

We would like to congratulate Mr. Al Capone on winning this month!!!

Stay tuned for next month’s Pet of the Month. Check out the other winners from 2019.

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