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Amelia's Story

We are reaching out to our on-line community with an update regarding a very sick little kitten who was briefly in our care. "Amelia," a 3 1/2 month old kitten was adopted from a humane organization and had been diagnosed elsewhere with cerebellar hypoplasia (CH). The individual who adopted this kitten is an employee of Atlantic Veterinary Hospital (AVH) and has extensive experience with felines affected by CH.

Within two days in her new adoptive home, Amelia's health deteriorated precipitously. Because of her four limb paralysis and uncontrollable tremors, the doctors at AVH were seriously concerned about her quality of life and began to question Amelia’s CH diagnosis. In an effort to help Amelia and better understand her medical case, our professional staff reached out to a veterinary neurologist who subsequently evaluated the kitten. Based on this specialist's findings, the doctor determined that Amelia's condition WAS NOT cerebellar hypoplasia, but in all likelihood feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), a deadly and incurable virus.

Given the high probability of FIP and Amelia's rapidly worsening physical condition, Amelia’s doctors and her caretakers unanimously agreed that humane euthanasia was the best course to end her suffering. We shared Amelia’s rapidly worsening condition and the probability of FIP with the shelter’s founder and with the shelter’s recommended veterinarian. The shelter’s doctor, knowing the skill and reputation of the neurologist who examined Amelia, agreed that Amelia should not be subjected to additional, invasive diagnostic tests. At this time, the shelter’s founder and the shelter’s doctor agreed that humane euthanasia was in Amelia’s best interest.

It is terribly unfortunate that due to inflammatory and inaccurate social media and on-line commentary about our practice and a valued member of our staff, as well as a patient in our care, we have been subject to harassing and threatening phone calls and emails from throughout the US and beyond. Likewise, we have received poor on-line reviews from individuals who have never been to our practice and who have never had the benefit of our veterinary service to their families.

We hope that this summary of events puts any lingering questions about Amelia and her care to rest. More importantly, we hope this correspondence puts to rest any wrong-doing on the part of the individual who adopted Amelia, as she had the sincerest intentions of providing this poor little kitten a loving and forever home.

Be assured, each animal who enters our practice...whether a beloved family member or a broken little stray, receives the same level of thoughtful, skillful, deliberate and compassionate care from our veterinary team.

We appreciate your continued trust in us.

The Doctors and staff of Atlantic Veterinary Hospital

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