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The Fireworks are Coming!!!

Did you know that July 5th is the busiest day of the year at animal shelters? This is because fireworks are super scary to most pets and many terrified pets bolt away from the offending noise. Help keep your pet safe during the holidays with anti-anxiety treatments and if your pet is not micro-chipped, now is the time to do it! If your pet is already micro-chipped, call the company and make sure that all of your contact information is up to date.

Below is a list of the available medications (natural and prescription) which can help your four-legged family member stay safe this "booming" time of year.

Natural Remedies for Dogs and Cats

Solliquen: A long term behavioral health supplement. It takes a month or so to take full effect so unless you have started this in advance, this isn't the remedy for you. If you have been giving Solliquen to your dog/cat, make sure you have a large enough supply to get through the 4th of July celebrations.

Thundershirt: This "jacket" applies gentle pressure (similar to swaddling a baby) which calms the pet. Great for thunderstorms and fireworks.

Rescue Remedy: Made from a combination of five flower remedies and provides an immediate calming effect.

Zylkene: Similar to the Adaptil products (pheromones), start 1-2 days before the fireworks and for best results start Zylkene 5-7 days before fireworks.

Natural Remedies just for Dogs:

Adaptil Collar/spay/diffuser: A synthetic pheromone that is similar to the pheromone released in the mother's milk while she's nursing her pups. Proven to show results with in 7 days of use, so go out and get yours now! Best to start at least 3 days prior to the "event(s)".

Prescription Remedies- (Don't wait until Wednesday to order, call today, prescriptions may take up to 24 hours to fill)

Trazodone: Anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medication given the night before a fireworks event, and then again two hours prior to event.

Silio gel: Is applied between the pets cheek and gum. To be given 30-60 minutes prior to the event. Can be given every 2-3 hours but not to exceed 5 doses in 24 hours.

Local Firework Schedule


7/4/2019: Marblehead Harbor (Illumination / Fireworks), 9:00 / 9:15PM


7/4/2019: Derby Wharf after a concert, 9:15 PM


7/3/2019: Nahant Bay, Dusk


7/3/2019: Barge near Red Rock - 76 Marine Street, 9:00 PM (Raindate: 7/5/2019)


7/4/2019: West Beach in Beverly Farms, 9:00 PM (Raindate: 7/5/2019)


12/31/2019: First Night over Boston Harbor, 12:00 AM

12/31/2019: Family First Night, Boston Common Ball Fields, 7:00 PM

7/2/2019: Boston Harbor, 8:25 PM

7/4/2019: Hatch Shell on the Esplanade, 10:30 PM


7/3/2019: Fort Area, Stage Fort Park, 1 Hough Ave., 9:30 PM (Raindate: 7/6/2019)


7/4/2019: Bailey’s Hill Park, Bass Point Road, 9:00 PM (Raindate: N/A)

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