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My Surgery at Atlantic Vet

Diary Entry 5/8/18

Today was a crazy day.

I started the day off wicked hungry and my people, Judy and Tom, totally forgot to feed me. They must have been in a hurry since we went for a car ride really early!! They let me stick my head out of the window and it was low tide, yummy!

We drove to my second favorite place in the world, my doctor’s office. All the long haired people that work behind the desk are so nice. They usually give me treats when I try to wriggle off the silly scale, but no treats today! Still hungry guys!!

We went into a room that had had a lot of action that morning already. I could smell two different dogs and A CAT. A lady with yellow hair (just like my best friend Bentley) called Jess came in and talked to Judy and Tom for a little while. After they were done chatting, my people said goodbye and left. I was a little scared when Jess brought me to the back room but I trusted her and knew everything would be fine.

The back room was busy. All I could focus on was the cat I smelled in the room. I was focused on ditching Jess so I could chase the cat and didn’t notice that Adam (a person with a furry face, very dog like and comforting) had come up next to me and was giving me a big hug. That felt nice so I stopped squirming. Then, Jess poked my leg with a tiny silver stick, that hurt a little but I was ok because Adam was still hugging me. When they were done I had a cool bandage on my left leg. I had a great time licking it until they put a big plastic lampshade on my head. What the heck? It was ok because there was a lot to look at and smell so I never got bored.

I was busy playing growl and bark with my new friend across from me when Jess came and fooled with my new bandage and poked my bum with another one of those silver sticks. After that things went a little foggy. I sort of remember Jess and Adam carrying me into a new room with lots of lights. Then I saw Dr. Rockwell’s face and fell asleep.

Dr. Rockwell

I have no idea how long I was asleep but when I woke up things sure were different. There was a cool breeze hitting my belly. THAT’S when I noticed all the hair was gone. Really, can I go to the beach or to Bentley’s house like this? How embarrassing! I also had a strange tube coming from the bandage on my leg that went way up to a bag of water hanging above my cage. I tried to bite it but I that stupid lampshade got in the way. I was still very sleepy and my tummy was sore but Adam and Jess kept coming over and scratching my ears just right, so I was OK.

After a little while, once I could stand up without out toppling over, a person called Kendra (she smelled nice, like horses and hay) fiddled with the bandage on my leg and unhooked the tube. I was free! Then she brought me outside to pee. That was tough because there was so many good smells outside that I kept forgetting what we went outside to do. When we got back inside, Jess told me that my people were there to take me home. YEA!!! Jess and Kendra took the bandage off of my leg and put on another one that was much smaller. That felt weird but I knew my people were going to take me home so it was ok.

Time to go home!!! Yea!!! Tom lifted me in the car and said something about not jumping or playing for a while. We’ll see about that!

Now, I am home resting in front of the fireplace. They finally fed me so I am full and very sleepy. The lampshade made it hard to eat but it also makes the fire crackle louder, which I LOVE. This was a pretty crazy day. I can’t wait to tell Bentley all about it.

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