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Pets of the Week 2017

These are pets nominated by the staff throughout the week. At the end of each week, we pick one to win the title of "Pet of the Week."

At the end of the year, we will select a "Pet of the YEAR." Not only will the lucky pet who wins "Pet of the Year" have bragging rights, he/she will win a fabulous Atlantic Vet gift basket as well.

December 23 - December 29

Moose- Shephard Mix


Mookse a.k.a "Moosie" was adopted from a shelter and now loves living with his best friend and sister, Bailey. He LOVES toys, cookies and hogging his sister's bed. His hidden talent is making monkey noises! He is such a sweet dog!


December 2 - December 8

Odin - Maine Coon Cat

Handsome Odin a.k.a "O" was recently scooped up from a Maine Coon breeder in Beverly, MA. He is a real people cat but also loves playing with his new big cat brother, Gunnar. Odin is quite the chatty character and chirps at his people all of the time. We are so happy to have this sweet guy at our practice!

November 25 - December 1

Henry Joseph - Yorkie

This little Yorkie came to his family all the way from a breeder in Kentucky. He loves to play with squeaky toys with his best friend, Daisy and has the funniest run! How adorable is this dude?!

October 28 - November 3

Fendi - Ragdoll

Fendi is a 13 week old male Ragdoll kitten who came from a Ragdoll breeder. He is a true kitten who plays with anything he can find! He somehow gets into places where he should not be and loves to sleep in the closet in the coat hangers while they are hanging! His best friend is his older Ragdoll kitty sibling Mooshi. How sweet is this little face?!

October 21 - October 27

Ziggy Stardust -- Bichon Frise

Ziggy's favorite thing in the world is to play at the park with his Mom who is also his best friend. This guy knows how to dance for Old Mother Hubbard treats and loves to play with his hedgehog toy and his pillow. Look at that happy grin!


October 14 - October 20

Karma "Chameleon" -- Veiled Chameleon

Cute little Karma a.k.a "The Baby" is a Veiled Chameleon who was given to her owners as the best Christmas gift ever! She loves to climb on her trellis and hang out in the window blinds. Her favorite food is super worms and her favorite spot is to hang out on her vine and look out the window. Her best friends are her 2 cats, Merry and Pippin!

October 7 - October 13

Frankie -- French Bulldog

Frankie is a female French Bulldog who came from a local breeder. This little lady is a total lap dog who also loves to lounge in her dog bed, play with her favorite snake stuffie and chow down on some roast beef treats. Frankie is one happy girl!

Learn more about the Bully breeds here

Septemeber 30 - October 6

Molly Mischief -- Domestic Short Hair

Molly is a beautiful Domestic Shorthair tuxedo girl who was adopted from the shelter. This lap cat loves to play with her mouse and snack on temptations treats. She is so happy to have been adopted and her Mom is her best friend!

Septemeber 16 - September 22

Teddy-- Pomeranian

This little guy is a 7 month old Pomeranian pup who cam from a Pom breeder. His favorite toy is a plastic bottle and he really loves cheese. He gets the zoomies every night before passing out and sleeping in his Mom's bed. Life is good for this lucky guy!

August 19 - August 25, 2017

Honey -- Long Haired Teddy Bear Hamster

Honey a.k.a "Huns" is a Long Haired Teddy Bear Hamster who was adopted from Petsmart. She loves to chew on her wooden blocks and eat carrot biscuits for treats. Her favorite place to hang out is in her penthouse or with her best friend, Samantha! We love this little cutie!

August 4 - August 14


Murphy -- Mixed Breed


Murphy is a 1 year old neutered male mixed breed who was adopted from the Humane Society of North Miami Beach! Murphy's best friends are his owners and he loves to eat bacon treats! His favorite toy is an old torn up elephant that he just cant get enough of. Isn't he so handsome?!

July 15- July 21

Taj -- Domestic Medium Hair

Taj was adopted from Paws with his twin brother, "Kai". He loves to play soccer with his ball and eat temptations treats. He's a super cool cat and a great patient!


Learn more about Paws here.

May 28 - June 2

Angus Pendleton-- French Bulldog/Italian Grayhound mix


Angus is 6 1/2-years-old and was rescued from Perfect Pet's Rescue. Angus loves playing with his black stuffed whale in the sun. Nap time happens on Mama's bed. Lastly, he has this awesome trick of smiling while showing his bottom teeth (see picture).


Learn more about Perfect Pet's Rescue


May 20 - May 27

Professor Snape-- Domestic Long Hair


Professor Snape is a long hair kitty who LOVES to eat. His besties are his human parents. This is very common for rescued pets. He has the very strange habit of laying on his back with all 4 paws in the air. We love Snape at the hospital, especially when he comes in for his "lion" haircut.


Learn more about Feline Rescue

May 13 - May 19

Rory Rose-- Labrador


Rory is a 10-year-old labrador. She loves food and her nickname "Rory Pory Pudding Pie." Her favorite place is the car because she knows she is going to get some exercise with her friends. Rory's bestie is a German Shepard named Mingo but she also loves her Swamp Pack (Ruby and Caspian Rockwell and Mocha Ruggieri.)


Learn more about Labrador Rescue

May 6 - May 12

Drako -- Bearded Dragon 


Drako is a 19 week old Bearded Dragon. He loves to eat crickets on "Pride Rock" and sleeps in his favorite tree. Drako LOVES the color white and climbing up walls. His bestie is Constantinos, his two-legged family member. Isn't he a handsome boy?


Learn more about Bearded Dragons

April 29 - May 5

Dobby -- 1/2 Main Coon Cat and 1/2 Domestic Long Hair


Dobby is a very special kitty with lots of friends (including his dog siblings). He loves to sit on his perch and eat his favorite treat, eggs. When he is sleeping you can find him in his human sister's bed. His favorite toy is his dog sister, Sharmin. Dobby also LOVES  to go in the basement and no one can figure out why.


Learn more about Maine Coon Cats

April 22 - April 28

Marshmellow-- Pyrenees


Marshmellow is a Pyrenees. His family adopted him at the Nashua Animal Shelter. His favorite toy is his shark and he LOVES peanut butter. When he is not sleeping on the bed he is playing soccer, Marshmellow does not play fetch. Marshmellow's bestie is Angie, the golden retriever who lives upstairs.


Learn more about Pyrenees rescue at the National Pyr Rescue site.

April 15 - April 21

Doris -- Boston Terrier

This 6 year old little Boston Terrier lady loves her human children, especially when they feed her scraps from the table! She enjoys playing with her tennis ball, sleeping in her giant bean bag, acting like a cat and meeting new people. How sweet is she?



Learn more about Boston Terrier rescue at the Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue site.

April 1 - April 7

Stache La Chat -- Domestic Short Hair

This handsome devil was recently adopted from the Northeast Animal Shelter. Stache loves his new brother George the cockapoo and enjoys sleeping in bed with the whole family! You might find Stache hanging out in his favorite spot, a big window while munching on his favorite snack, cheese!

March 25 - March 31

Beatrix Potter -- Teddy Bear Hamster

Beatrix Potter is a female Teddy Bear Hamster who was adopted from Petsmart. She goes by "B" at home. She loves to nibble on carrots and run in her wheel. She is so happy her Mom adopted her, she is her best friend!

Learn more about Teddy Bear Hamsters

March 18 - March 24

Sampson -- British Shorthair mix

Sampson is a 6-year-old British Shorthair mix who was adopted from The Odd Cat Sanctuary. He is a playful guy who loves his toys and climbing all the way up on top of the kitchen cabinets. His favorite treats are raw chicken bites and his best friend is Benjamin, a Devon Rex. As seen in his photo, he loves running water from the sink!

Learn more about The Odd Cat Sanctuary

Learn more about the British Shorthair breed

March 11 - March 17

Portia -- Mixed Breed


Portia is a 10 month old, mixed breed who was recently adopted from Sweet Paws Rescue. She comes all the way from Lebanon where she and her littermates survived a shootout. Now she is living the good life and loves her bully sticks, squirrel toy and her new parents! She is a silly girl and will bark at herself in the mirror. Portia is one lucky dog!

Learn more about Sweet Paws Rescue .

March 4 - March 10

Benjamin (Benji) -- Devon Rex

Benji is a 1 1/2 year old Devon Rex. His favorite toys are balls with bells and he loves raw chicken bites for treats. Benji's favorite place to hang out is his mom's shoulder so he can lick her face!!! It is a rare siting to see Benji without his sidekick brother Samson. How cute is Benji?

Learn more about the Devon Rex Breed on the Cat Fanciers Association page.

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