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Some essential oils can be toxic to cats

  • Oils can be inhaled, ingested (groomed off) and absorbed by mouth or through contact with the skin.

  • Can cause respiratory irritation and distress

    • labored breathing

    • fast breathing

    • panting

    • coughing (very different from throwing up a hairball)

    • wheezing

  • Other symptoms can include:

    • drooling

    • vomiting

    • tremors

    • wobbliness

List of essential oils known to be toxic to cats

oil of wintergreen

oil of sweet birch

citrus oil (d-limonene)

pine oils

Ylang Ylang oil

peppermint oil

cinnamon oil

pennyroyal oil

clove oil

eucalyptus oil

Tea Tree Oil

Information for this page was gathered from a blog post written by Kia Benson on titled Essential Oils and Cats. Click here to read entire blog post.

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